Traceability is the ability to trace all processes, from raw material sourcing to production, consumption and disposal, to have a clear, certain summary picture of when and where the product was produced and by whom.

With increasing awareness of safety and improved product quality, traceability has become essential in all industries, from automotive to electronics, from food to pharmaceuticals.

Traceability has been defined in ISO 9001 by the International Organization for Standardization.

Traceability consists of recording necessary information This information is monitored in all processes: procurement of raw materials and parts to the processing, assembly, distribution and sales stages. The purpose is to ensure that the history of a part can be traced.

Traceability types

There are two types of traceability:

  • Chain traceability
  • Internal traceability

Chain traceability means that the history of the product can be traced forward or backward from the sourcing of raw materials and parts to processing, distribution, and sale. This allows manufacturers to simplify the investigation of causes and product recalls if unexpected problems have arisen. Consumers can also use this traceability as a benchmark for selecting highly reliable products.

Internal traceability means tracking the movement of parts/products within a specific limited area in an entire supply chain, such as a single company or a single plant.

If a quality problem occurs, the manufacturer must act promptly to remedy it. An ineffective response will create distrust among consumers or business partners that may even jeopardize the company’s very existence.

Laser marking for traceability

Laser marking is the most effective traceability tool on the market. Arca can provide laser markers or laser marking stations for any component by marking it with a unique recognition code.

Laser marking is indelible and the contrast is always high. Arca can provide: fiber laser, CO2, DPSS and laser marking stations integrated with traceability software and vision systems.

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