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Laser marking on films

The UV laser represents a revolutionary tool for the food industry. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can be used on films used in food packaging and can be integrated directly into thermoforming machines, vertical or horizontal packaging machines.

The UV laser offers the possibility of replacing older thermal transfer (TTO) markers that use ink and consumables. This leads to several significant benefits for the food industry.

First, eliminating ink usage reduces the possibility of marking films with faded or incomplete markings. Laser marking is clean (as it is based on light), contrasted and indelible. Eliminates the risk of food contamination. Traditional inks can potentially migrate from packaging to food products, but with UV laser this problem does not arise.

Furthermore, the UV laser offers greater flexibility and versatility in marking food packaging. With older TTO markers, data or logo changes often require replacing the entire ink ribbon. With the UV laser, however, it is possible to modify the marking data easily and quickly without having to replace any consumables. Very simple to use!

Another important advantage is that the UV laser guarantees a permanent and high-quality marking, resistant to wear and deterioration. This helps preserve the integrity of the brand and ensure the traceability of food products. UV laser marked products are also immune to post-marking damage such as friction, alcohol, heat, and transportation.

The UV laser also represents an eco-sustainable choice. Its elimination of the use of inks and consumables reduces the environmental impact generated by printing waste. You no longer need consumables.

UV also stands out for its energy efficiency. Compared to TTO markers that require energy to heat the ink, the UV laser uses significantly less energy, thus helping to reduce operating costs.

The last very important feature of the Arca UV laser is that it has an IP65 protection rating which makes it the perfect technology for food companies.

Ultimately, the UV laser presents itself as a revolutionary tool for the food industry, thanks to its ability to integrate into packaging machines and guarantee high-quality, permanent marking without risk of contamination. Its adoption represents a fundamental step forward for a sector increasingly attentive to food safety standards and environmental sustainability.

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